Aquatic warbler translocation from Belarus to Lithuania

Go on a Journey together with Aquatic Warbler babies!

You can join the journey of the Aquatic Warbler babies from Belarus to Lithuania in 2019 by watching our video diary. Shortened video series are now available in English! I our video stories you will get to know how all expedition took place, what challenges we faced, what joyful and nervous moments we had. Join our unique journey!

In 2019 the second stage of Aquatic Warbler translocation took place. 50 juveniles were translocated from the biggest Aquatic Warbler population in Zvaniec mire, in Belarus to small and diminishing population Zuvintas, in Lithuania. It was done believing that after wintering in Africa the translocated birds will come back to the their new homeland in Lithuania. In 2019 a monitoring took place when trying to figure out how translocated birds from 2018 succeeded to find their way home to Zuvintas. Read about first results of translocation from 2018.

Video stories

Day 15. Blood tests

Today dr. Vaidas Palinauskas took the blood samples of translocated Aquatic Warblers. Our team also weighed the birds. Blood will be used to determine the … read more

People who shared their experience with you

Rita Griniene

I can’t wait to go on a journey with you. This is very exciting adventure, full of passion and various emotions. I will try to be your ears and eyes.

Egle Ruskute

The babie’s journey causes very strong and indelible emotions that you want to share. It is hard to describe the feelings in words, so I hope that video stories will be a great tool to do that. Let’s laugh, cry, let’s have fun and worry for the babies together.

Moments from the translocation in 2018

In 2018 the first stage of translocation took place. 50 Aquatic Warbler babies were transferred from Belarus to Lithuania. It was the first ever experience, therefore it was very exciting and challenging.