Lithuania: Tulkiarage trail

A trial dedicated to farmers

The trail, whose construction was initiated by the Baltic Environmental Forum, tells about the local history, introduces the local singing birds and highlights the importance of the farmer in sustaining the whole living system. „This path is a symbolic acknowledgement to the farmers who lead their activities in an environmentally-friendly way despite the difficulties they face”, says Rita Norvaišaitė,  a coordinator of the path initiative who is the communication specialist of Baltic Environmental Forum. She also adds: „The history of Tulkiaragė is unique. There is no other place that reveals the connection between nature and humans and the necessity for that in the precious way like here”.

Revival of abandoned pumping station

The pumping station of Tulkiaragė that has not been working for the last few decades became a real attraction point. The building painted in the street style grabs the glance, a bird watching tower on the top of the building and nature school invite you to enjoy nature from a closer – and higher – point of view.  There is an Aquatic warbler depicted on one of the main walls of the building. It is a globally endangered species that still breeds in the delta of Nemunas river and that with help of the farmers can come back into the grasslands of Tulkiaragė. The creators of the path are joking that most probably this is the largest Aquatic warbler in the world. Visitors coming back from the side of the river are welcomed by the picture of the farmer.  Surrounded by birds he is walking through the well-kept grasslands. On the warmest wall of the building nesting-boxes for birds, houses for bats and insects are waiting for the new inhabitants.

Unusual construction

Like the pumping station, other construction works along the trail can be distinguished for their originality. Unusual stands are lined up on the side of rampart. People can roll some of these stands, touch the moving details and exhibits. You can talk to the Eurasian bittern by blowing a glass bottle, look over the trees nibbled by beavers, or try out the special wooden shoes that were used to pass the swamp and even the boots for horses. Visitors can also enjoy the view around the lake of Krokų Lanka sitting on the bench having extremely tall legs which was called The Dreamers’ bench.

Good accessibility

The trail that is located only 8 km from Šilutė and is easily accessible by the waterways. The main ways go through Krokų Lanka and Kampupė. „ If it was possible to get across the river of Aukštumala, it would perfect to come here by bicycles. There is the cycling route going through Tulkiaragė which is called „Trejų vandenų“. For now people still need to take a land road from Šilutė if they are coming by bicycles or cars“– says Rita Norvaišaitė.

You are most welcome to come and experience the nature of Tulkiaragė. At least one thing can be guaranteed- you will be welcomed by the great concert of nature.

Length of the trail -1,2 km to one side. The trail goes there and back by the same way.

Share your experiences using hashtag #Tulkiarage.

English guide for the trail

Tulkiarage in the map

The sightseeing trail of Tulkiaragė was established during the implementation of the project “Securing Sustainable Farming to Ensure Conservation of Globally Threatened Bird Species in Agrarian Landscape (Baltic Aquatic Warbler)”.

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