Volunteer Elvyra with farmers in Nemunas delta


Volunteers will:

  • help to raise awareness about Aquatic warbler in his / her country
  • develop various communication materials
  • implement social media campaigns

Let’s make aquatic warblers famous and protected!




Familiarize yourself with the Aquatic WArbler volunteers

These people are involved in a variety of activities and their work helps us protect the Aquatic Warbler

Aušrinė Maurukaitė

Nature and its biodiversity fascinate me since early days of my life: it started with exploring my childhood’s natural environment, travelling across Lithuania, later continuing with Wildlife Conservation studies. Volunteering at Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania gave me a great opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills towards various nature conservation and environmental protection projects. I believe that mine, as well as every volunteer effort, is a vital piece towards reaching biodiversity protection goals and preserving its beauty for future generations.

Clarisse Roy

Passionate about nature for several years, I wanted to give meaning to my studies by volunteering for the environment; during my research, I came across the Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania. I directly liked their way of doing things, and I became interested in their programme on the Aquatic Warbler conservation. I didn’t know this bird at all (which is very rare in France), but I really liked its particular song. The motivation of the team, the many actions carried out, and all the learning around this programme reinforces me in my idea; I hope I can also be useful and contribute to the preservation of the Aquatic Warbler!

Karolis Gritėnas

For as long as I can remember myself, I have had an intimate relation with the surrounding nature. My most vivid memory from childhood, for instance, is a sheep licking me in my dad’s farm. It was a very precious moment, which up this day invites me to cherish nature and study the complex world we live in. Out of all natural sciences, it is ecology which fascinates me the most. By noticing population dynamics, interspecific interactions—how a subtle change can cause severe outcomes—I can fully appreciate my part in this harmonic world.

I have decided that joining an organisation which focuses on environmental issues would be highly beneficial. BEF initiatives related to educating everyone about the nature truly fascinated me. To my mind, raising environmental awareness in the society is a keystone for solving principal problems in this field.

Šarūnė Noreikaitė

I suddenly found volunteering possibility in this project in a group of Lithuanian ornithologists on the social network and immediately applied. I am very pleased with this short but extremely meaningful and interesting experience surrounded by enchanting nature. There was a significant and adventurous teamwork, and each of the participants shared their knowledge and experience of nature – it was a great inspiration and motivation to deepen my acquaintance with the grasslands and forests as nature is the only space where I feel completely happy. I really appreciate this valuable opportunity!

Akvilė Galeckaitė

From the very first thoughts about bachelor’s degree in ecology I knew nature and its protection will be an important part of my life. Searching for possibilities to contribute to nature conservation in Lithuania, I discovered BEF – the people, who got me involved in the aquatic warbler conservation project. While volunteering, I didn’t just get the unique experience, but also lots of inspiring emotions. For me, one of the most memorable moments was hearing the little birds chirping in the wild after a successful transfer from aviaries.

Elvyra Mikšytė

I have experienced a lot of positive and memorable emotions as volunteer in the Aquatic Warbler project. I feel as if I am doing something meaningful by helping our little winged friends survive. I see those who love nature such as environmental conservationists who work very hard to improve the current situation and save the worn out globe. There are also farmers who are sincerely trying to save the bird by changing their farming habits as much as possible. This experience is very inspiring and motivating to take action.

Daria Pachucka

Growing up, nature has always played a big role in my life. By being a part of Lithuanian scouts in California and visiting unbelievably green nature in Lithuania every other summer, my connection with the environment grew stronger. For these and other reasons, as I applied to universities in 2018, I chose to study environmental engineering. It’s incredible to have had the opportunity to take part in such a significant project, the first ever aquatic warbler translocation. I believe that in this quickly changing world, the future of the environment depends on the actions of people. And a single species of flora or fauna is absolutely worth saving because its extinction affects the surrounding ecosystem immensely.

Inga Banytė

I found out about the aquatic warbler project quite a while ago, however the opportunity to contribute to it only appeared in the second half of June. I spent several days observing aquatic warblers behaviors in aviaries and catching their breakfast. The main reason why I became interested in this project was because of my desire to better know the species and to contribute to the work in repopulating the birds in Lithuanian habitats. This new experience not only brought me joy in my discovery and new friends, but knowledge and experience that I will undoubtedly use in my future profession. 

Laurynas Stasiukynas

I began to contribute to this project without even knowing it – I received long-legged mosquito material to identify and at first didn’t even think to ask from where or why. Halfway through the work I decided to find out where this material was coming from. When I learned that this is part of the aquatic warbler project, I wanted to contribute more and become more familiar with this cryptic bird. Seeing him from up close and helping him become a part of Lithuania was wonderful, I felt like a child while working with these birds. I hope our friendship continues for a while. 

Jonas Rociunas-Englert

I have been a fond lover of the environment since my childhood. I attended a nature conservation camp every year during the summer from age five to twelve. My love of nature and the importance of conservation was solidified through yearly summer camping trips I would take in upstate New York. I am currently studying Environmental Science at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. My primary interest is in sustainable agriculture and food innovation. I pursued this interest by working on a sustainable swine, poultry and bovine farm in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. There I learned farm management and basic animal husbandry as well as information regarding crop rotations and soil depletion levels. The Aquatic Warbler Conservation Project is very important to me as it is invested in creating a sustainable habitat for every endangered animal. I believes that humans need to be in harmony with nature to secure a sustainable world.

Gretė Vaičaitytė

This kind of volunteering is the perfect way to find yourself where you would have never gone otherwise, and see the things that normally you wouldn’t have seen. It’s great to be able to contribute to interesting projects with my own hands. And I heard the aquatic warblers song in the wild for the first time!

Dominyka Kvašinskaitė

I came to the volunteers to understand this bird is and oh how great it is to know it! I am very pleased to have been given the opportunity to observe not only the Aquatic Warbler, but also to have met mant different and interesting people which expanded my horizons. I really hope that after a while I will be able to watch the nest not only in aviaries.

Adelė Markevičiūtė

In summer of 2017 I volunteered in Apvardai wetland in Aukstaitija, helping with botanical research. I fondly remember the wonderful, early mornings in the wetland – a beautiful moment in nature that we normally sleep through. Sadly, I don’t remember the plant species that I saw, and it seemed, I learned… 🙂 And of course, just as important, is that while volunteering I tried fishing pants – how great it is to sit in the wetland and not be wet at all!

Monika Juozėnaitė

I studied ornithology in university and since then I have been interested in birds. So when I saw call of volunteers I really wanted to join the project to rescue this bird. During the project, it was really interesting to watch the bird, as well as to get acquainted with other volunteers and project promoters who inspired me with their courage, determination and stubbornness.

Jonas Vaitkus

I live in nature and I want to know her. Volunteering helps me do this – not only am I learning about the Aquatic Warbler and its neighbors, but also about how farmers contribute to the protection of these birds.

Saulius Lileikis

I joined the volunteers of the Aquatic Warblers because I am an ornithologist and a big fan of the bird.

Ieva Juškaitė

As an environmental science student, I have a great concern for animal species that are facing extinction, like the aquatic warbler. The aquatic warbler is not just a beautiful and unique little bird, but also plays an important role in its ecosystem. By contributing to this project to help protect the aquatic warbler, not only do I have the chance to help nature, but I also strengthen my ties to Lithuania as a Lithuanian American.