In this page you can find the most important publications, studies, reports and documents in English. Part of the documents are only available in other languages – Lithuanian or RussianFor more results of the project – visit other page.

Reports & programs

Report on Candidate Sites for extending “Stepping Stone” Habitat Network of Aquatic Warbler breeding range in Lithuania and Belarus

In this analytic report we provide key information on selected sites, which will later be used in preparation of a long-term strategy for establishing a coherent network of stepping stone habitats with the aim to ensure ecological connectivity of existing local breeding populations of Aquatic Warbler.

Baseline monitoring report

A summary of the monitoring data that were collected during the first year of the project and will help to assess the impact of project activities is presented in this baseline monitoring report.

Program for translocation of the Aquatic Warbler

2018 m. In May, the project for Aquatic Warbler translocation programme was completed. Detail methodology of aquatic warbler translocation is described here.

Project monitoring program

The monitoring program sets out how the impact of the project will be assessed.


Aquatic warbler: small guide for children

This book for children will not only tell you interesting facts about the little singer – Aquatic warbler, butalso provide you with fun things to do.

Project flyer

Project leaflet present the project shortly.