You can contribute to conservation work by adopting an aquatic warbler. Your donation will help insure that the warbler and its neighbors will have a bright future, and will support the protection of critical habitats in Lithuania, Belarus and other European countries that these birds call home. 

Donate and become a part of the conservation effort of Europe’s rarest songbird. Adopt an aquatic warbler today and receive one of our special adoption packages.

Adoption fee is 50-100 euros.

Package 1. 100 Euros – Certificate of adoption, picture and card describing species, and “I am protecting the aquatic warbler” flag.

Package 2. 50 Euros – Certificate of adoption, picture and card describing species.


Or, use this link here to donate an amount of your choice directly to the project.



You can also transfer the money directly to our account, after sending us your address to which we should deliver the adoption kit.

Recipient: Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania

Company code: 110090837

JSC: LT98 7044 0600 0792 6435

Bank: SEB

Payment Purpose: Support Aquatic warbler

How does your donation help?

  • Environmental and habitat protection. Your donation helps us expand the territories of reconstructed habitats. This not only helps the aquatic warbler, but all of its neighbors – the double great snipe, the short-eared owl, the corn crake, the black-tailed godwit, etc.

  • Maintaining water level. Your support can help us make sure that water levels remain at suitable heights in these critical habitats. We can continue our regulations and ongoing dialogues with local residents and institutions.

  • Deals with farmers. Your donation helps our volunteers conduct routine consultations with farmers that have aquatic warblers nesting in their fields. Volunteers work with farmers to determine a field mowing time that won’t hurt the growing young of the aquatic warblers.