The Young Nature Rangers Platform with lots of nature related tasks is rapidly becoming more popular

As teachers and children are moving to online learning space, the young nature rangers platform, created by naturalists, is increasingly becoming more popular. During one week, the free-off-charge platform was visited by more than 27,000 visitors, more than 5,300 children registered, the ranks of specialists who create tasks for children are also expanding and new tasks about nature appear almost every day.

The abundance of visitors was mistaken with cyber attack

“We are excited by such a big children’s interest in nature and tasks about it. On the first day, when we invited people to use the young nature rangers platform during quarantine, the traffic was so high (12,000 visitors in a day) that in the evening our server understood it as some kind of cyber attack and temporarily blocked the system. Of course, we quickly fixed everything and now the system works flawlessly.” – says Rita Grinienė, the creator of the popular platform, a specialist of Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania.

Popularity has encouraged to develop new tasks

According to the naturalist, it is also very important that the increased popularity has encouraged specialists to create new tasks for the platform. “The specificity and strength of this platform is that it is not only free of charge but also open and flexible. This means that new tasks about nature can be created by any naturalist, scientist, teacher or specialist familiar with the system management manual. This allows the system to be alive, renewable, relevant and interesting”-, says R. Grinienė.

Young nature rangers platform for fun learning

The platform is a space, where children can learn about nature, understand it’s processes. We also encourage children to communicate, cooperate solving tasks together, compete in collecting virtual badges for correctly performed tasks and explore nature. Although the platform is aimed at children, that are 6-14 years old, preschoolers can also solve tasks with the help of parents or teachers, and children over the age of 14 can also find interesting tasks for them.

The young nature rangers platform is online for over a year. You can find various tests, puzzles, crosswords and interactive games on the platform. There are more than 60 different tasks. The platform also offers fun publications, videos about nature and ideas for fun things to do in nature together with kids.

Although this platform was created as part of the Aquatic warbler conservation project “LIFE Magni Ducatus Acrola”, the topics of the tasks are certainly not limited to the Aquatic warbler, it’s neighbours and it’s living environment – wetlands. Here tasks are about all topics, all species and all territories.

Try out the young nature rangers platform!

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