Lithuania’s Scythe Mowing Championship:

where the tradition of hay mowing comes to life

and Aquatic Warbler sings

27 July 2024 – Rupkalviai Meadows, Šilutė District, Lithuania


It’s worth attending because it is:

  • One of the most original and fun summer events
  • A balance of excitement and tradition
  • A chance to compete with the best, meet like-minded people
  • The opportunity to learn how to mow with a scythe, improve your knowledge
  • An extraordinary event
  • Fun time for the whole family
  • Charming nature of the Nemunas Delta
  • Free event



Championship competition:

  • Team competition of scythe mowers. Team (2-person team) competitions, which compete on time and quality of haying. Teams compete for two nominations: ‘Scythes flying’ and ‘Quality guaranteed’. Those taking part in this competition are eligible to compete for the Mower of the Year and Mower of the Year titles.
  • “From table to scythe”. A new competition for scythe lovers. An individual event for first-time scythe holders who rarely hay. Time and quality of mowing are judged.
  • Beginners’ league competition “Scythe debut“. Individual competition for first-time scythe holders. Time and quality of mowing.
  • Fine Mowing Competition. A competition for those who do not want to mow at speed but prefer precision and aesthetics. In this competition, competitors are given a limited time in which to mow a designated area as neatly as possible and to mow obstacles as accurately as possible. This competition demonstrates the skills that are relevant to the mowing of farmland lawns.
  • Trimmer versus scythe. A competition of special excitement, where scythe masters compete against participants using a trimmer.



Other championship activities:

  • “Friendly Mowers’ Hay Swath”. This is the final highlight of the championship, a kind of mowers’ procession of honour, where there is no competition, but we mowe in rhythm to strengthen our community. During this ‘procession’, the ancient way of mowing will be demonstrated, with mowers standing side by side and mowing together in a line. This will symbolically pay tribute to the old meadow-workers of the Nemunas Delta and to the birds as they set out on their autumn journey.
  • The Scythes Scool. This is a special space where a mowers school is held – group and individuals scythe mowing training. Those who complete the school will receive special certificates. There will also be a Mowers’ Meditation Meadows – a space for individual mowing practice – and a Scythe (and tongue) Thinning Corner – a workshop for scything scythes.
  • Activities for the whole family. Nature games and other attractions.



News about the Championship

The championship is organized within the project “Stepping stones towards ensuring long-term favorable conservation status of Aquatic warbler in Lithuania”. It is financed by the EU LIFE Programme, Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania and project partners. In 2024 the championship is supported by and Šilutė district municipality.