The National Mowing Championships Will Once Again Bring Together Scything Enthusiasts

Scything enthusiasts are once again invited to Šilutė District Lithuania, 27 July 2024. The fourth National Hay Mowing Championship will take place in the meadows of the Nemunas Delta in the village of Rupkalviai. This event combines excitement and tradition, experience and the desire to learn. Participants not only compete against the best and fastest hay mowers, but also have the opportunity to improve their knowledge or even learn the trade.

Mowing championship, Rupkalviai village, Šilutė


“Traditionally, both in Lithuania and in other European countries, such championships are held in meadows where a rare bird, the warbler, lives. This is because historically these areas have been characterised by very lush grass and were known for their rich grasslands. Mowers who use scythes to mow the grasslands make a significant contribution to the conservation of bird diversity. If they spot a bird nest in time, they can bypass it or scare the birds away, thus protecting them from injury or even destruction.” – says Žymantas Morkvėnas, naturalist and head of the Baltic Environment Forum, which organises the championship.

The organisers of the championship say that the event not only promotes cultural heritage, but also draws the attention of farmers and the public to the need to protect endangered species and the benefits of farming in harmony with nature.


Mowing championship, Rupkalviai village, Šilutė


The organisers of the championship invite everyone to take part – men and women, regardless of age or experience in scything.

“The competitions are divided into three categories of scythe-wielding ability – first-time scythe-wielders, those who have learnt to use a scythe but have forgotten it, and professionals. New this year is the “From the table to the scythe” competition, specifically for intermediate level mowers. We have set this category aside so that competitors who have never held a scythe before can compete against their peers, while those with a little experience can compete in another category. It is important to stress that the most popular events in our championships are the beginners’ competitions. You may not know how to use a scythe at all, but after training at the Scythe Bell Jar and taking part in the Beginner’s competition, you will certainly have the basics and can call yourself a mower. – smiles Ž. Morkvėnas.

Mowing championship, Rupkalviai village, Šilutė

The event offers professional hay mowers the chance to compete in the main team event and then battle it out for the main titles of Hay Mower of the Year and Hay Mower of the Year. This year, a new event, “From the Table to the Scythe”, will be held for those who are a bit new to scything, and for those who have no experience at all, in the traditional “Scythe Debut” competition. All these competitions are judged on both speed and quality. Everyone can also try their hand at the slower, more precise and aesthetic-feeling ‘Fine Mowing’ event. The event culminates in a thrilling “Trimmer versus Scythe” competition.

If you would like to take part in the competition, please register by filling in the registration form or by calling +37061412911.

The championship will also offer the opportunity to buy great scythes, blades or other mowing accessories.

The sponsors of the championship are Šilutė District Municipality, Friends of the Championship – Šilutė Tourism Information Centre, Directorate of Protected Territories of Lithuania Minor.