Aquatic warbler translocation first-hand experience: 3 videos

We present the series of three video clips ”Aquatic warbler translocation: first-hand experience”. Interviews with dr. Martin Flade, Vitalij Jakovich and three volunteers.

International context: dr. Martin Flade

Dr. Martin Flade, the chairman of International Aquatic warbler conservation team, who have been taking care of aquatic warbler conservation for more than 20 years, talks about global state of the population and reasons why translocation was necessary to test. During the implementation of translocation he visited Zuvintas biosphere reserve twice and observed how everything is going on.

The main mother: ornithologist Vitalij Jakovich

Vitalij Jakovich, Belorussian ornithologist was the main ornithologist, who was taking care of translocated juveniles almost from the very beginning when taking them with the nests in Zvaniec fenmire, Belarus, till letting them our as a grownup adults from special cages – aviaries – in Zuvintas biosphere reserve, Lithuania.

Youth and enthusiasm: volunteers

Volunteers Elvyra Mikšytė, Laurynas Stasiukynas and Gretė Vaičiatytė volunteered due to different reasons, experienced unforgettable moments and received experience and knowledge. Volunteers helped to take care of translocated juveniles in Zuvintas biosphere reserve.

More stories and interviews can be found in a special multimedia platform about Aquatic warbler translocation on 15min news portal (in Lithuanian only).

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