Aquatic warbler’s project admitted transparent by Ministry of Environment of Lithuania

Following a statements of the Minister of Environment of Republic of Lithuania to stop financing Aquatic warbler’s project „LIFE Magni Ducatus Acrola”, project team has finally received an official letter from the Ministry of Environment about the conclusions from the internal audit of the project. After reviewing the project’s midterm report and audit assessment, meeting with project team that provided answers to all the questions, the Minister agreed that the project was being implemented according to plan and assured that no decisions on funding suspension, that was escalated in the media, had been taken so far.

We are glad that the Ministry promised in the future to notify us about any intended decisions concerning our project immediately. Meanwhile, as always, we are focusing on important work of the project that is certainly not lacking. Seasonal habitat restoration works, as well as the construction of hydrotechnical facilities in the Zvanec and Sysa polder, begin now. 

Official Ministry letter (in Lithuanian language):


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