First visit to the future location of the biomass processing facility

The project team has visited the newly bought farm in the Klaipėda district where restoration works will soon start and where the new biomass processing facility will be set up.

This facility should solve the problem of biomass usage in territories important for aquatic warblers. Late-cut low-quality biomass from Aquatic warbler sites will be used here for making alternative products – grass pellets for animal bedding and bio-fuel. This facility is expected to create a self sustaining farming mechanism. This mechanism uses the grass that is cut late due to the protection of the aquatic warblers. The late-cut grass that is not suitable for fodder is instead taken away from the fields and used to create financial benefits. These financial benefits could compensate the losses caused by late mowing or at least be a stimulus to take the biomass away from the aquatic warbler breeding sites.

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