International conference on Aquatic warbler conservation, Vilnius, 2013

Report of the event


Session I: Latest developments and scientific research on ecology and conservation of Aquatic Warbler

Session II: Conservation of the Aquatic Warbler: scientific perspective and practical experiences

Poster session

  1. Project “Baltic Aquatic Warbler” (LIFE09 NAT/LT/000233)
  2. Arūnas Balsevičius & Ričardas Narijauskas. Changes of tall sedge communities in Šyša polder (2011–2013)
  3. Cosima Tegetmeyer & Nina Seifert. Aquatic Warbler population size and habitat suitability in the Djoudj area (Senegal)
  4. Raphaël Musseau, Valentine Herrmann, Sophie Bénard, Christian Kerbiriou, Thomas Herault, Estelle Kerbiriou & Frédéric Jiguet. Migration stopover strategy of the Aquatic Warbler Acrocephalus paludicola at Gironde estuary and consequences for estuarine wetland habitats management
  5. Júlio M. Neto. Migration of Aquatic Warblers in Portugal
  6. Nerijus Zableckis. Impact of combined grazing and mowing on flooded meadows of Nemunas Delta
  7. Oskars Keišs & Jānis Reichmanis. Status and conservation of the Aquatic Warbler in Latvia
  8. Rguibi Idrissi Hamid, Provost Pascal, Malki Meryem & Jiguet Fréderic. Autumn migration for the globally threatened Aquatic Warbler Acrocephalus paludicola in Morocco: First ringing data

Session III: Rural development plan as a tool to secure Aquatic Warbler conservation: current experience, successes and challenges

Session IV: Seeking for self-sustaining farming systems to ensure long-term perspective of Aquatic Warbler conservation

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