National bank of Belarus released coins with aquatic warbler

On December 27th the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus released the commemorative coins “Reserve of Zvanec”, which feature aquatic warbler on theirs reverse. These coins are part of the special series “Reserves of Belarus”. There are 2 types of coins:

  • silver coin with the nominal value of 20 rubles, weighing 33.63 g, diameter 38.61 mm, circulation 999 units, price approx. 55 Eur.
  • copper-nickel coin with the nominal value 1 ruble, weighing 13.16 g, diameter 32.00 mm, circulation 1999 units, price approx. 10 Eur.

Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania is organizing a joint order of these coins, if you want to get some, please, contact us on

aquatic warbler coin zvaniec Belarus

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