Will Aquatic Warbler officially disappear from the Germany?

Next year can be a year when Aquatic Warbler will officially disappear from Germany. In 2024, there will be 10 years after these rare birds were observed in the country. It will be the first extinct species in Germany for many years.

This year naturalists started to implement translocation of Aquatic warblers just on the other side of the border of Germany – in Rozwarowo marshes in Poland. They transferred 56 baby birds here from Biebza national park, hoping that they will remember Rozwarowo as their new hope and after wintering in Africa return to their new home.

Hopefully, the method will work as much successfully as it was in Lithuania, Zuvintas few year ago and we can restore the Pomeranian population. Hopefully, we will save the species from the extinction in Germany on the very last moment.

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