Aquatic Warbler conservation project prolonged for 3 years

The European Commission has extended the Aquatic Warbler conservation project until 2026. In the next three years, naturalists will devote most of their efforts to the application and improvement of translocation of these rare birds.


“Given the uncertainty caused by the war in the two most important countries for this species, Ukraine and Belarus, where two-thirds of the world’s Aquatic warblers breed, and our extremely successful experience with translocation, this method may be the only hope for saving the species. Now more than ever, it is important to strengthen weak and restore extinct populations,” says Žymantas Morkvėnas, the director of the Baltic Environment Forum Lithuania, which takes care of the conservation of Aquatic Warblers.

Within two years, 100 of these rare baby birds are planned to be transferred from the Biebrza National Park to the Roswarowo marshes on the Polish-German border.


During the extension of the project, it is also planned to restore additional 11 ha of wetlands suitable for Aquatic Warblers in the Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve, Lithuania, to analyze and test the possibilities of using the biomass collected here in the Simnas heating facility located next to it.

In the Nemunas delta, Lithuania, the project team will focus on the development of nature tourism. The intention is to acquire 5 floating hides for nature observation and photography, to enable local tourism operators to use them free of charge and thus encourage the emergence of new tourism services. In this region project team will also continue the tradition of organizing Aquatic Warbler welcoming events with farmers, and holding the Lithuania’s Championship of Scythe Mowers, which has received great attention.

A study analyzing the potential habitats of Aquatic Warblers will also be completed. It will cover the sites not only in Lithuania and Belarus, but also in Poland and the Pomeranian region in Germany.

The project team was joined by two new partners in Poland and Germany – the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds (OTOP) and Nature Conservation in the Peene Valley association (Förderverein Naturschutz im Peenetal e.V.).

We remind you that due to the war in Ukraine, and EU sanctions applied, project activities in Belarus were stoped in Autumn of 2022. Nevertheless, most of project’s conservation work had been sucessfully impemented until then in this country.

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