First aquatic warbler female with French ring caught in Lithuania, Alka

Yesterday before the second aquatic warbler counting ornithologist Vytautas Eigirdas noticed one more aquatic warbler with a metal ring. Experienced ornithologists succeeded to catch the bird. It turned out that this is an aquatic warbler female ringed in France (ring PARIS 7448031). This is the first aquatic warbler female with a foreign ring caught in Lithuania.

This year Vytautas Eigirdas has caught 2 more aquatic warblers – one on 22 June in the same Alka polder and another one – on 21 May in Tyrai meadows (Kliosiai landscape reserve).

Yesterday Vytautas Eigirdas also saw the first aquatic warbler juvenile this year. It was still unable to fly well. Unfortunately, not all birds will have a chance to survive, since mowing has already started in some areas. Share this post to invite Lithuanian farmers to postpone mowing at least till 10-15 of July and save at least the first brood of Lithuanian aquatic warblers!

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