Poland: Ławki-Szorce peat

Author Jarosław Krogulec

The Ławki-Szorce mire consists of about  76 ha of fen mainly covered by reeds and early successional stage forest. It is a marginal section of the vast Ławki Mire, located outside of the Biebrza National Park and separated from the mire by a road (the “Tsar Road”), which runs on a causeway.

The Ławki-Szorce mire cannot be entered. Nevertheless, everyone who visits the Biebrza Valley should come there. The other side of the Tsar Road offers the best location in the world to watch the Aquatic Warbler – a wooden boardwalk on the Ławki Mire.

Author Jarosław Krogulec

The boardwalk Długa Luka takes you to the marsh habitat without getting your shoes wet, and – most importantly – without destroying the soft peat layer. The boardwalk is about 400-metre long and ends with a platform, where you can view the spectacular and vast Ławki Mire.

Author Jarosław Krogulec

Best place to observe Aquatic warbler is a wooden board walk that ends with a platform, where you can view the spectacular and vast Ławki Mire.

What can I see there?

Of course – the Aquatic Warbler! Also the Crane, the Snipe and the Bluethroat nest there.

Elks and beavers are common, too.

Map where you can find all areas where you can find Aquatic warblers in Poland.

Information source: https://otop.org.pl/our-projects/we-protect/reserves-and-nature-trails/biebrza/?lang=en

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