Aquatic Warblers came back to Lithuania

Yesterday the first this year Aquatic Warblers were noticed in Alka polder, in Lithuania. Ornithologist Vytautas Eigirdas informed that he heard 3 singing males. It is thought that one of them is carrying the special geolocator. Last year scientists put those geolocator devices on 60 Aquatic Warblers from Lithuania and Belarus in order to track their wintering sites in Africa. In a near future naturalist will try to catch the noticed bird in Alka to get the data recorded in geolocator.

This year international community of naturalists and ornithologists is thrilled to get information about Aquatic Warblers that come back to Lithuania not only because of this geolocator project, but also because of Aquatic Warbler translocation. This year those rare birds that were moved from Belarus to Lithuania and ringed with special plastic green rings last year, should come back to the surroundings of Zuvintas in Lithuania. If this happens, the method of translocation could preliminarily be considered as effective and this can determine the future conservation strategy of the species.

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