The first aquatic warbler with a Slovak ring caught in Lithuania

On July 15, the ornithologist Vytautas Eigirdas caught the first aquatic warbler with a Slovak ring (SLOVAKIA) S221690 in Lithuania, Alka polder. This case is really interesting since all birds that have been caught previously in Lithuania having foreign rings were from, so called, western European bird migration road (which crosses Poland, Germany, France, Spain and reaches west Africa). This time the bird was ringed far more to the East from this migration route.

We are getting the ringing data soon to know where and when exactly the aquatic warbler male was ringed.

This year Vytautas Eigirdas has caught 3 aquatic warblers with foreign rings in Lithuania. All 3 were from France: one female on June 27 in Alka polder and two males: one on 22 June in the same Alka polder and another one – on 21 May in Tyrai fenmire (Kliosiai landscape reserve).

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