Translocated Aquatic Warblers received Lithuanian and Belarusian names

Scientists, naturalists, and volunteers who were involved in the Aquatic Warbler translocation chose names for the translocated birds. 24 Lithuanian and 25 Belarusian names were given to those songbirds.

Zymantas Morkvenas during the Aquatic Warbler translocation in Zuvintas
Zymantas Morkvenas during the Aquatic Warbler translocation in Zuvintas

“Since the translocated birds are very important for the whole team, we didn’t want to refer to them as a combination of numbers and letters. We decided to give names to them – we chose names that are meaningful, sweet, symbolic or just funny for us and voted for them. The final voting took place last week in a meeting where we discussed translocation in detail.” – says Žymantas Morkvėnas, the manager of Aquatic Warbler Conservation project.

Project team hopes that giving them names will bring good luck for the birds and in May a lot of birds will come back to their new homeland in Zuvintas biosphere reserve.

These birds were transferred from the biggest Aquatic Warbler population in Belarus (Zvaniets) to Lithuania (Zuvintas biosphere reserve) after  testing a conservation method that was never tested with this species before – translocation. If this method proves successful, it could help to restore extinct populations or those on the brink of extinction. Moreover, it can help to save the species.

Translocated Aquatic Warbler named as Fedia with a special green plastic ring.More about Aquatic Warbler translocation – in 3 video interviews.

Names given for aquatic warblers

No. Name of the bird no of special plastic ring no of metal ring
1 Tadas 1E VN26641
2 Aktyvukas 1D VN26631
3 Zuvinte 2D VN26632
4 Pinanoja 3D VN26633
5 Klimas 4D VN26634
6 Little Liudas 5D VN26635
7 Zeme 6D VN26636
8 Vanagas 7D VN26637
9 Kukusiamba 0D VN26630
10 Barbora 8D VN26638
11 Vilte 9D VN26639
12 Buckis 0E VN26640
13 Mindaugas 2E VN26642
14 Siva 3E VN26643
15 Meda 4E VN26644
16 Delta 5E VN26645
17 Kasparas 6E VN26646
18 Gudas 7E VN26647
19 Vytautas 8E VN26648
20 Gaja 0A VN26600
21 Ikaras 1A VN26601
22 Nendre 2A VN26602
23 Viksvinuke 3A VN26603
24 Baba 4A VN26604
25 Vasia 5A VN26605
26 Fedia 6A VN26606
27 Maris 7A VN26607
28 Jakub 8A VN26608
29 Natasha 9A VN26609
30 Ksju 0B VN26610
31 Agripina 1B VN26611
32 Polina 2B VN26612
33 Janka 3B VN26613
34 Ivonka 4B VN26614
35 Vasilina 5B VN26615
36 Ivan 6B VN26616
37 Dmitrij 7B VN26617
38 Jablochka 8B VN26618
39 Adelka 9B VN26619
40 Janina 0C VN26620
41 Stasik 1C VN26621
42 Vilija 2C VN26622
43 Ales 3C VN26623
44 Kastus 4C VN26624
45 Mira 5C VN26625
46 Nadezda 6C VN26626
47 Vasilek 7C VN26627
48 Polia 8C VN26628
49 Liavon 9C VN26629

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